Industry Insights

Around the world, once-busy ports and airports are reporting sharp falls in traffic. Even though consumer demand has not dropped significantly, manufacturers and retail companies have over-reacted to the bad financial news and are drying out their supply chain and reducing inventory. All the major logistics companies have experienced sharp volume declines which have forced them to reduce network capacity and make job cuts. Airlines are cutting routes, capacity, routes and jobs. The shipping sector is suffering from a combination of falling demand and an oversupply of ships as vessels ordered during the growth years are delivered. Rising fuel costs have also plagued the industry.

GSC Services

  • Fleet management and network optimization management
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • Financial and economic analysis
  • Transaction management
  • Business and financial risk assessment
  • Process management
  • Feasibility studies
  • CRM/ Work order reviews
  • Technology consulting
  • Review of 'track and trace' solutions
  • Internal audit
In the Middle East, the fundamentals for growth in the region’s transport and logistics industry are good. Plans to create air and sea hubs at various locations are underway. The Gulf States have taken the lead in the development of ports and airports and investment in road and rail projects is still on-going despite the crisis in the financial sector.