Industry Insights

With rising costs of oil, natural gas, steel, copper, plastics and other raw materials, margins are getting squeezed. Reduced consumer spending have had a major impact on manufacturers who are stuck with overcapacities and surplus inventories.

GSC Services

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in providing strategies and solutions to the manufacturing industry to help them develop a distinctive edge over competition.

Our strategic and financial consultancy services address the following areas:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Procurement and Supply Chain management and transformation strategies
  • Improving efficiencies along the value chain
  • Business process streamlining and re-design
  • Channel management
  • Inventory optimization
  • Capital advisory etc
  • ROI modelling and statistical analysis
  • Workforce optimization
  • Consulting on manufacturing process
  • Production planning and control
  • Maintenance review
  • SOPs cutting across core functions like warehousing, inventory, production, sales & marketing, materials management and back end finance and accounting
  • Internal audit
What companies need to do is to introduce innovations in their production processes and bring in technology which can improve efficiencies and reduce wastages. They have to adopt 'lean manufacturing' models and focus on improving supply chain management.