Great Sands Consulting (GSC) is a fast growing, top class consulting company. Our deep understanding of the three corporate pillars – finance, business strategy and technology, coupled with the team’s extensive consulting experience across all industries gives us a huge competitive edge as we provide holistic solutions that transforms companies and help them achieve measurable business results.

We strive hard to maintain our enviable track record of 100% project delivery on time and within budget – at all times maintaining our exceptionally high quality of delivery.

With a strong value system running through the organization that is rooted in integrity, deep sense of commitment and creating long lasting relationships, we aspire to turn our clients into inextricable ‘Partners for Life’ and our success is reflected by their success.

  • Deep Understanding of our client’s business

    We leave no stone unturned in getting to know everything there is about our client’s industry and business. Great insights are a by-product of great research. We believe that every person across all levels of the organization, can contribute important and insightful pieces of information and we tap all these sources during the research stage.
  • Integrating Finance, Business & Technology

    GSC is truly unique and stands out by its end-to-end consulting expertise across all three – Finance, Strategy and Technology. This gives GSC a huge advantage especially in cases where a comprehensive roadmap needs to be put in place encompassing all three elements. Companies employing this consulting model experience exponential results.
  • Building enduring Relationships

    We do this by earning our clients’ trust and goodwill through every interaction and endeavour to exceed our client’s expectations when delivering on the business objectives. We add significant value to all our clients.
  • Out-of-the-box approach and innovation

    Creativity in thinking and an innovative approach to everything we do, backed by rich experience help us generate ideas and solutions that create sustained benefits.