Our Approach

is our Strength

Having delivered significant success stories globally,  Our robust approach which is essentially an integrated results delivery framework that is time-tested , calibrated and learnt over a period of time through various engagements by our Team of experts, Programme Directors, Consulting Solution Architects. Hands-on partner driven delivery model is the key Greatsands differentiator.

Integrated Results Delivery Framework

Deep-Dive Diagnostics using Greatsands Lens

At the core of any future-looking solutions, lies deep-dive diagnostics.

Every Organization is unique.
Every Context within the Organization is Unique, at a given point

Greatsands Lens is a powerful diagnostics approach

Greatsands Lens is a powerful diagnostics approach that culls out deep-down insights from

  • Review of Data-driven insights on customers, Strategic positioning, Market-Product Access and Organizational Resilience quotient .
  • Our deeper analysis of operating model and capacity development. Structure follows Strategy.
  • Treating Technology as a key enabler to make your business achieve its goals
  • Understanding the data dimensions and how the data flows
  • Financial model review comprising of cost and revenue models , deep-dive on cost-drivers impacting the business

The outcome of the diagnostics phase is to gain insights on the current state of your Organization.

Developing Clarity-Priority Matrix using Greatsands Tunnell

Once we have the insights coming out of the diagnostics, ranking of key initiatives is determined based on our clarity-priority matrix.

Clarity represents, the clarity in which the need for change has been consented upon based on future goals and objectives  and  the mapping with priority, based on resource availability

Not just inside looking, our lens also reviews externally, to understand the industry dynamics, market trends , industry-specific technology trends and determines the line of optimum-fit and help develop our  Business case and Business plan

The outcome end of this tunneling exercise is to do a deep-down dive to look into the future possibilities of having a well defined road-map.

Implementation Journey

Execution of any future proofing strategies requires a robust execution engine. Using our proven cutting edge framework we are able to carry out precision execution and anticipating risks and proactively mitigating them. Defining he SMART goals is one component of the implementation journey. Given the fast-changing pace of dynamics of business, well thought through strategic plans are no longer cast in stone like how it used to be a decade before. It requires constant monitoring and more importantly calibrate and recalibrate the strategic direction defined using Greatsands Pivot approach, wherein we constantly look for potential blocks and define new baseline with fine-tuned KPI’s based on your success.

Implementation is a journey marked by endurance. Using our Monitoring and Evaluation framework we constantly keep an eye on your Organizational performance, Pivot where required and innovate , learn and apply the learnings specific to your Organization.

Greatsands collaborates in walking your journey of
Resilient Transformation