Our Story

Greatsands story is an aspirational story.

In the aspirational story of UAE’s transformation from a “ Land of sands”  into a “Land of  Infinite Possibilities” in a remarkably short span of time,
We found our “Secret Sauce to Success”, the 4Ds

DESIGN and blueprint
DELIVER results
DELIGHT your customer

It is the big dreams of UAE’s leaders that has made this impossible, possible. A robust Design Blueprint made this dream into reality .  Having a great design alone was never sufficient. Such a well-crafted design needed to be delivered – On time, Within costs, Ensuring quality and Surpassing Global Standards. At the end,   Dreams, Designs and Delivery are more meaningful, when the experience earns the Citizens and Residents delight, alike.

Greatsands has imbibed these winning qualities

We Dream Big, together with our Customers, co-creating audacious goals, reinventing  business models and  setting higher standards for our clients

At Greatsands, We Deliver Results. Not Reports, using our tried & proven, Integrated Results Delivery framework

Our Business Design Blueprinting, factors market and industry benchmarks; acknowledges the current state of the Organization and comes out with an optimum fit, making our design Scalable, Modular and True North towards those big audacious goals

We always keep Our Clients at the core of our value-delivery model.

We strive, innovate, sweat, improvise and learn in the process to earn our Customer’s Delight.