Establishing Information governance framework for a diversified group in retail, real estate, distribution and other businesses


A leading diversified group in UAE wanted to develop a comprehensive Information Governance framework and model as part of the automation of their Enterprise Content management solutions

Establishing Information Governance requires multi-disciplinary enterprise accountability framework that ensures the appropriate behavior in the valuation of information and the  definition of the roles, policies, processes, and metrics required to manage the information lifecycle, including defensible disposition.


Greatsands alongside leadership in the risk management & ICT team developed Information Architecture by building on the data classification matrix, built enterprise taxonomy and the metadata model

Once the information data sources were fully mapped implementation of data governance requires enterprise wide policies and procedures for implementation with clear data acquisition to disposition rules.

Greatsands walked the journey together with the client and ensured the framework was calibrated for individual business needs through the implementation life cycle


Information Governance implementation taken along with technology automation helped client to constantly calibrate & implement the framework and real time feedback from businesses were factored to fine tune the information governance model which also aligns with data protection policies like GDPR and has created a environment of data risk prevention and detection